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Do you want to write a book, thesis or dissertation, but don’t know where to begin? Have you gotten started, only to get stuck? Or are you just not sure you’re on the right track?

There are dozens of writing coaches offering programs to help you write and publish your book in ninety days or write a novel in thirty. And no doubt you can do it.
But here’s what they won’t tell you—unless you’re Jack Kerouac, you’re not going to write a good book in ninety days. Agents, editors and experienced writers know that quality writing takes time—not a lifetime, by any means—but the only thing that’s going to be produced in ninety days is a first draft. And that’s a fine beginning. But it’s not likely to produce a book that will sell.
If you’re serious about your writing, Dr. Harper can not only help you to become a more productive writer, but she will teach you how to become a better writer. Unlike other coaches who might offer a one-time “bonus” to read ten or twenty pages that you write, Dr. Harper will read and give you feedback on what you write every single week.

If you are writing nonfiction, she will teach you how to organize your thoughts, structure your argument, integrate case histories and stories, and support your work with the evidence to make your book convincing and compelling.

If you are writing fiction, she will teach you how to create intriguing characters, write dialogue, pace your story, and add suspense and humor where needed.

And if you are writing memoir, she will help you to focus and find the story that speaks your truth in your own unique voice.

Without the instruction, guidance and wisdom of Janice Harper, I would never have conceived nor written my book.  Her knowledge in memoir writing helps refine a story, dig out the secret parts, and face the sorrows and joys.  Her coaching provides discipline and her discernments allow great insight into one’s memoirs.  I simply could not have done it without her.  For the writing of memoir, her knowledge and coaching is without parallel.
~ Lisa Richesson, Author, White Lady, Black Sons: A Memoir of Adoption, Abuse and Awakening

Without Janice’s coaching I would never have started writing my first book, let alone finished it! Janice helped me develop my authentic voice as a writer and taught me the essentials of memoir writing. She was patient while I learned how to accept and incorporate feedback, spent the time to understand my goals, and instinctively knew when I needed a pep talk, or a metaphorical kick in the butt to get me back on track. Janice helped me achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an author.
~ Kimberly Severn, Author of the upcoming memoir, The Making of a Mom: My Unexpected Journey through Birth & Adoption


For weekly sessions by Skype or phone, with expert copy and developmental editing of weekly writings.

  • $1,200/month payable the first of each month
  • $6,300 for six months, payable in two payments of $3,150 ($1,050/month)
  • $11,400 for one year, payable in quarterly payments of $2,850 (best value at $950/month)

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