Are you a faculty member under pressure to produce, produce, produce – and expected to publish in the top peer-review journals or academic presses?

Are you in a graduate program and intimidated by having to write a thesis or dissertation?

Whether it is editing your academic books and papers, helping you conceptualize a research project or federal grant, or helping you focus your mind (and time!) to get your work out the door, Dr. Harper has the skills, background, and understanding of how the process can best be accomplished as quickly and painlessly—and most importantly, as insightfully—as possible.

Academic services include:

  • content editing of peer-reviewed journal articles
  • developing powerful book proposals—crucial in the highly competitive market of academic publishing
  • help with grant proposals
  • theses, dissertations, and graduate papers


Dr. Harper has helped faculty at liberal arts colleges, state colleges and Ivy League institutions conceptualize and write their books, peer-reviewed articles and grant proposals. In addition to publishing her own work in peer-reviewed journals and presses, she has written successful grant proposals for the National Science Foundation, Ford Foundation, Social Science Research Council, Fulbright Fellowship Program and others. She has also served as a grant reviewer for the NSF, Guggenheim Foundation, the National Science Foundation, National Institute for Environmental Health, and a peer reviewer for a number of academic presses.

If you want to get the extra boost of professional academic advising and editing, whether you are a graduate student, faculty or independent scholar, contact Dr. Harper now for a free 15-minute consultation.


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Is it legal and ethical to hire you for academic work?
Yes, it’s not only legal and ethical, but in many cases universities will permit faculty to use research or other funds to pay for the academic coaching and editing services.

Will you write my academic articles or books for me?
We do not ghostwrite any papers that are used for grades, promotions or securing employment. So no, we won’t write them, but we will coach you just as a faculty advisor or peer-reviewer would, and we will provide developmental editing.

How much does it cost to hire you?
There are several different packages available, ranging from monthly coaching rates with or without developmental editing. Prices for monthly coaching range from $500 to $1,200/month, and hourly rates are $150.

How do I know the coach I’m working for has actually published or written the successful grants you talk about?
All academic coaches have Ph.D.’s, have been or currently are productive faculty at major universities, and have written successful federal and private grants. Their academic success is public, and you will be provided with their CV detailing their publications, grants, reviews, and education.

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