Meet Janice Harper, Ph.D.

Dr. Harper’s writing has been featured in The Huffington Post and Psychology Today. She is the author of several nonfiction books and articles and the ghostwriter of over a dozen memoirs and nonfiction books.

Prior to starting her own writing coaching business, Dr. Harper was a professor of anthropology where she directed students in writing their theses and dissertations, a skill she brings to her coaching as she guides authors from the early stages of conceptualizing their projects, through publication of their books, proposals, dissertations, theses, short stories, magazine articles and peer-reviewed articles.

With a keen eye for storytelling, language, pacing, character development and dialogue, Dr. Harper’s expertise has helped beginning and experienced authors turn their stories, ideas and visions into compelling and prize-winning books.

When she’s not writing or working with her clients, Dr. Harper enjoys cooking, chocolate-making, gardening and watching our political leaders do one dumb thing after another.

Why Dr. Harper?

Why choose Dr. Harper over other book coaches?

There are many excellent book coaches available to work with authors, and the important thing is to find the right fit for you. But Dr. Harper stands out for the personal and individualized service she provides. While many coaches don’t even read what their clients write, Dr. Harper goes the extra mile and not only reads your weekly writing–she provides developmental editing as part of the coaching package.

Moreover, she is available throughout the week, to answer any pressing questions you may have or just give you a shot of encouragement when you feel stuck or just can’t think of a word to write. Finally, she has written, published and coached authors in a range of genres, from peer-reviewed academic articles and books, to self-help, business, memoir, humor, true crime and mystery.

Whatever it is you want to write, chances are she has experience in your genre, or will refer you to a coach who does. When you work with Dr. Harper, you can be assured you will receive the personal service you need to turn your writing dreams into a book you can hold in your hands.

Dr. Harper has a sharp wit and gets to the heart of the matter, taking the readers along for a wonderful ride. She is blessed with a point of view that is inclusive, humane and fearless.

Gretchen Schafft

Author, Commemorating Hell: The Public Memory of Mittelbau-Dora