Do you want to write a book, but don’t know where to begin? Feeling stuck? Not sure you’re on the right track?

Dozens of writing coaches offer programs to help you write and publish your book in ninety days or write a novel in thirty. And no doubt you can do it.

But here’s what they won’t tell you—unless you’re Jack Kerouac, you’re not going to write a good book in ninety days. Agents, editors and experienced writers know that quality writing takes time—not a lifetime, by any means—but the only thing that’s going to be produced in ninety days is a first draft. And that’s a fine beginning, but it probably won’t sell.

If you’re serious about your writing, Dr. Harper can not only help you to become a more productive writer, but she will teach you how to become a better writer. She’ll read and give you feedback on what you write before every meeting.

Writing a Health Book: An Interview with Beverly A. Zavaleta, MD

For those thinking of writing a health book or other nonfiction, Janice Harper interviews Dr. Beverly Zavaleta, a physician and a breast cancer survivor, who is the author of Braving Chemo: What to Expect, How to Prepare, and How to Get Through It.

Can you tell us Dr. Zavaleta, what prompted you to want to turn your training and experience into a book?

If you are writing nonfiction, she will teach you how to:

  • organize your thoughts
  • structure your argument
  • integrate case histories and stories
  • and support your work with the evidence to make your book convincing and compelling

If you are writing fiction or a memoir, she will teach you how to:

  • create intriguing characters
  • write dialogue
  • pace your story
  • and add suspense and humor where needed

And if you are writing memoir, she will help you focus and find the story that speaks your truth in your own unique voice.

Why Dr. Harper

Why choose Dr. Harper over other book coaches?

There are many excellent book coaches available to work with authors, and the important thing is to find the right fit for you. But Dr. Harper stands out for the personal and individualized service she provides. While many coaches don’t even read what their clients write, Dr. Harper goes the extra mile and not only reads your weekly writing–she provides developmental editing as part of the coaching package.

Moreover, she is available throughout the week, to answer any pressing questions you may have or just give you a shot of encouragement when you feel stuck or just can’t think of a word to write. Finally, she has written, published and coached authors in a range of genres, from peer-reviewed academic articles and books, to self-help, business, memoir, humor, true crime and mystery.

Whatever it is you want to write, chances are she has experience in your genre, or will refer you to a coach who does. When you work with Dr. Harper, you can be assured you will receive the personal service you need to turn your writing dreams into a book you can hold in your hands.

I have had the distinct honor to have worked with Janice Harper.  Janice became my Pied Piper and drew the stories out of me. She was so gentle with me that I was able to finally put the memories of my childhood to rest. She helped me through the frustrations and mental blocks  to a delightful clarity. She gave me my adult narrator voice and created a narrative that brought my book to life. I owe so much to Janice for her help in getting my book finished. I don’t believe in coincidence; I know that Janice was a gift to me. I honor and trust Janice, and you can too!

Zoe Niklas

Author, Driving in the Dark

Thank you for teaching me to be a better writer. . . for all your advice, suggestions and encouragement. You helped me transform my first draft manuscript into a book that I am proud to share with the world.

Andrea Borg

Author, The Mindset Cure: How I Beat My 90-Day Death Sentence, Versluis Press

Without the instruction, guidance and wisdom of Janice Harper, I would never have conceived nor written my book.  Her knowledge in memoir writing helps refine a story, dig out the secret parts, and face the sorrows and joys.  Her coaching provides discipline and her discernments allow great insight into one’s memoirs.  I simply could not have done it without her.  For the writing of memoir, her knowledge and coaching is without parallel.

Lisa Richesson

Author, White Lady, Black Sons: A Memoir of Adoption, Abuse and Awakening

Without Janice’s coaching I would never have started writing my first book, let alone finished it! Janice helped me develop my authentic voice as a writer and taught me the essentials of memoir writing. She was patient while I learned how to accept and incorporate feedback, spent the time to understand my goals, and instinctively knew when I needed a pep talk, or a metaphorical kick in the butt to get me back on track. Janice helped me achieve my lifelong dream of becoming an author.

Kimberly Severn

Author, The Making of a Mom: My Unexpected Journey through Birth & Adoption, Longest Day Press


Dr. Harper takes only a small number of coaching clients each year, but if you have strong writing skills or the promise of developing them, she offers a number of packages that may be a good fit for your writing goals.

Single Consultation, $300

Are you wondering if book coaching is for you but want some detailed feedback on what you’ve been working on or conceptualizing? Do you have a book in progress or a completed draft, but aren’t sure what next steps to take? Sign up for a one-hour Zoom meeting where I can answer your questions, discuss your options, and provide you with professional guidance.

Includes a review of up to 5 pages, double-spaced, of your writing, and if you sign up for for any of my coaching packages, the $300 is credited to the cost of your coaching.

Manuscript Consultation, $500

Have you written your first draft and want some professional feedback? All too often new writers who have spent months or even years writing their books rush to publish before their book is ready for prime time. Professionals never publish their first drafts, and often rewrite them several times. But new writers may not know where to begin with the revision process—if that’s you, let me help.

This package includes a review of up to 50 pages (double spaced) of your manuscript, and a written analysis and strategic plan for completing and publishing your book, followed by a one-hour Zoom session to answer any questions and provide you some guidance.

The Results: You’ll be well on your way to understanding how to revise your book before spending any more time or money on editing. By having professional feedback before pitching to agents, you will be positioned to produce a final manuscript that is potentially publishable and of interest to literary agents. You’ll better understand your strengths and weaknesses, have a game plan for your next steps, and feel inspired to reach the finish line.

Envision Your Book, $800

For writers who know they have a book in them, or want to promote their business with a book, but aren’t sure of what to write or how to begin

The Envision Your Book package is a one month program designed to help you flesh out your ideas and know where you’re heading and how to get there.

Before we meet, I will send you an intake form, review your social media, resume or CV (if relevant), and up to 10 pages, double spaced of any writing samples.

First week—One hour Q and A Zoom session to help identify the potential books you can write, what book most ignites your spirit, and how you can get started. I provide a more detailed questionnaire and writing exercises to get you going.

Second week—You will work on your questionnaire and writing exercises, which will help you focus on the reasons for writing your book, who your ideal reader will be, and how it will fit in the marketplace.

Third week—One hour Zoom session to go over your work, establish a strategic plan to get started on writing your dream book.

Fourth week—you will revise your writing exercises, and I will review them and give you feedback on next steps. Throughout the month you will have full access to emailing me for any help you might need.

The Results: You will have one or more written book concepts and a game plan established to launch your writing journey. You’ll have a better understanding of what it will take to reach the finish line and be ready to start off in the right direction without flailing around in a thousand directions or writing a book that will never sell. Instead, you’ll be inspired to write the book that is not only the most potentially publishable, but the book that most excites you!

Nine week memoir writing prep package, $1,500

(Prerequisite: Envision Your Book package)

Are you ready to write your memoir? Get professional help before you start and you’ll save yourself endless hours and frustration.

First two weeks—one 1 hour Zoom session to conceptualize structure of the memoir and help develop theme. Exercises provided to help establish timeline, theme, narrative arc, characters, identify comparable books. I will review all exercises and give you feedback and suggested revisions.

Weeks 3-9—two one hour Zoom sessions. You’ll write first two to three chapters of the book (up to 50 pages), and I will provide written feedback and direction.

The Results: You’ll have a narrative arc for your memoir and a better understanding of your theme and direction. You’ll have started the writing, with professional feedback on your strengths and weaknesses, and be off to a strong start with a clear direction.

Nine week nonfiction writing prep package, $1,500

(Prerequisite: Envision Your Book package, waived if you are clear about what you want to write and who you are writing for.)

For writers who know what they want to write and are ready to refine the focus and get started with the basics and strategize a game plan.

First two weeks—One 1 hour Zoom session to clarify book concept. I’ll provide exercises to help you write the book summary, clarify the reader, ToC, chapter outlines, and comparable books.

Weeks 3-9—three one hour Zoom sessions. You’ll write the ToC, chapter outlines, first and last chapter of your book, and I will provide written feedback and direction.

The Results:  You’ll be all set to write your book in a manner which fits with how literary agents analyze manuscripts. You’ll not only have a game plan, but you’ll come away with a solid start on your book, and a clear sense of where you’re going, and what to write.

Proposal Coaching Package, $5,000 ($3,500 for those who have taken the Envision Your Book and Writing Prep Packages)

For writers who have a good sense of the book they want to write but need feedback and guidance on how to write and pitch their book proposal.

Initial Strategy Session—one hour Zoom call to determine your goals, timeline and strategy.


Choosing and researching agents
The query letter
Concept Statement
Author Bio
Marketing Plan
Chapter Outlines (revised)
Selected chapters

Six additional one-hour Zoom sessions, and I will review each new section of your proposal, and your revisions, prior to each session.

The Results: You will have a professionally written book proposal suitable for pitching to an agent. You will have a good understanding of what your book will be about, where it will fit in the market, and how you will structure and organize. You will have one to two polished chapters written, and the other chapters outlined (if self-help or narrative nonfiction) or a narrative arc clearly established (if memoir).

Complete Your Book Package, $12,000

Get feedback from start to finish with your book for a full year and beyond (there is no time limit).


24 Zoom sessions

24 deadlines

Written feedback on up to 25 double-spaced pages, each session.

Availability for email consultations throughout the writing process.

For memoir writers: Guidance on narrative arc, theme, dialogue, voice, establishing suspense and reader engagement, character development.

For nonfiction writers: Guidance on structure, features to include, concept, framing the book to build your business, interviewing techniques, incorporating case studies and stories, research techniques, voice, establishing authority.

The Results:  You will have a completed first draft of your book, with a clear focus and structure, suitable for revision or publication.

Complete Your Book Fast Package, $8,000*

This six-month package is designed for writers who are working on short nonfiction books. Includes:

12 Zoom sessions

12 deadlines

Written feedback on up to 25 double-spaced pages, each session.

Availability for email consultations throughout the writing process.

The Results: You will have a completed first draft of a short nonfiction book, with a clear focus and structure, suitable for revision or publication.

*After completion of this package, an additional 12 sessions and 12 deadlines can be purchased for $6,000. 

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